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Bible reverse-engineering tools

Simple Search

Click on Bible versions on the left menue to see all Bible versions and languages. After this, click on an icon on the right or on the menue on the left to search the Bible in 3 different ways: by book and chapter or by word index or by entering search words, like and Jesus said. If you enter %and Jesus said% you get exact this phrase. Click on manual compare to compare up to 10 Bible versions in parallel.

Extended Search

If you click on word index you will see the use count of the word in advance. If you enter more letters you can limit the result a lot.
Each Bible may be compared to any other Bible to find out missing Bibles, chapters or verses.
The automatic compare of 2 bibles in the same language shows the degree of equality of the verses in sum and in detail.

When this picture was made in 2002, I talked about reverse engineering, reengineering and realtime data migration in large banks at the International DB2 User Group (IDUG) conference in Lisbon, Portugal. When I came to Christ in 2009 it was clear for me, that I must apply this technology to the Bible. By looking at the worldwide Bible production and distribution I became aware of a sort of Bible inflation. That is why the possibility to rapidly compare many Bible versions becomes more and more important. As a programmer, it is a pleasure for me to serve you in this area and follow the great programmer. Who? Well the darvinists are so fascinated by the flow of the evolution program that they simply forget who the great programmer was.

Werner Paulus
2011.08.04, Basel, Switzerland

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