Coptic: Bohairic NT

Bohairica: The Bohairic New Testament in Standardized Form.
Bohairica 1.2 (2006.December.14)

This is an edition of the New Testament in the Bohairic dialect of the Coptic language. It is based on the edition by Horner. However, like my Sahidica edition, it has been standardized for easy comparison with modern Editions of the Koine Greek in the following ways:

o Section and paragraph breaks correspond to the USB and NA texts.
o Punctuation has been aligned with the Sahidica text.
o The nomina sacra forms have been expanded.

Please note the punctuation is closest to that found in my New Testament According to the Egyptian Greek Texts (NTAEG)

Bohairica is an ongoing work. Please report any errors to the editor, J. Warren Wells, at