Gothic (Nehemiah, NT Portions) [Latin Script]

The Gothic Bible

Based on the edition of Wilhelm Streitberg (1919)

Source: Die gotische Bibel: Herausgegeben von Wilhelm Streitberg. (Germanische Bibliothek, 2. Abteilung, 3. Band) 1. Teil: Der gotische Text und seine griechische Vorlage. Mit Einleitung, Lesarten und Quellennachweisen sowie den kleineren Denkmälern als Anhang. Heidelberg: Carl Winter, 1919.

Online edition provided by Project Wulfila (, University of Antwerp (Belgium); text scanned and edited by Robert Tannert, David Landau & Tom De Herdt (1997, 1998).

This electronic edition may be used for academic or other non-commercial purposes. It is expected that, in accord with normal scholarly etiquette, use of the material will be acknowledged appropriately, i.e. stating the information above.


Angular brackets < > indicate additions to the text,
square brackets [ ] indicate deletions,
parenthesis ( ) indicates that certain characters or words can not be identified with complete certainty (italic text in Streitberg's edition).

Tilde ~ indicates assimilation, as in "jaþ~þan" (for "jah þan").
Incipit and explicit are given verse number 0 and 255:
e.g. Luke 1:0 [CA] Aiwaggeljo þairh Lukan anastodeiþ.
e.g. Romans 16:255 [A] Du Rumonim ustauh.


[CA] Codex Argenteus
[A] Codex Ambrosianus A
[B] Codex Ambrosianus B
[C] Codex Ambrosianus C
[D] Codex Ambrosianus D
[Car] Codex Carolinus
[Speyer] *Speyer fragment [see CA]