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About the authors

Werner Paulus and his son Christian are both working in the IT. Werner has more than 30 years of experience in programming, database technology, reverse engineering and re-engineering and specialized in data migration. Christian has more than 10 years of experience in Internet programming with MySQL and PHP. He specialized in programming Internet portals.

Why another bible tool?

[img]When this picture was made in 2002, I talked about reverse engineering, reengineering and realtime data migration in large banks at the International DB2 User Group (IDUG) conference in Lisbon, Portugal.
When I came to Christ in 2009, by reading the book "If animals could talk" from Werner Gitt, it was clear for me that I must apply data migration tools and techniques to the bible, although I'm not a bible expert.

By looking at the worldwide Bible production and distribution I became aware of a sort of Bible inflation. The possibility to rapidly compare many bible versions becomes more and more important.
As a programmer, it is a pleasure for me to give this Service and follow the great programmer with it. Who? Well the Darwinists are so fascinated by the flow of the evolution program that they simply forget who actually programmed it.

What are the key functions?

All bibles, functions and reports are online accessible for free. Search and compare functions run at comfortable speed for several bibles in parallel.

Where do we go?

The actual Version should show the general functionality to the community. Their acceptance and needs should lead us to the next steps.

Thank you IPC!

Members of my church, the International Protestant Church of Zürich, helped me to develop this version. I specially thank Torsten, Marco and pastor Andre for the many talks to keep me going.