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Genesis 1 31 And God sAw every thing thAt he hAd mAde, And, behold, it wAs very good. And the evening And the morning were the sixth dAy.
Genesis 2 1 Thus the heAvens And the eArth were finished, And All the host of them.
Genesis 2 2 And on the seventh dAy God ended his work which he hAd mAde; And he rested on the seventh dAy from All his work which he hAd mAde.
Genesis 2 3 And God blessed the seventh dAy, And sAnctified it: becAuse thAt in it he hAd rested from All his work which God creAted And mAde.
Genesis 2 4 These Are the generAtions of the heAvens And of the eArth when they were creAted, in the dAy thAt the LORD God mAde the eArth And the heAvens,
Genesis 2 5 And every plAnt of the field before it wAs in the eArth, And every herb of the field before it grew: for the LORD God hAd not cAused it to rAin upon the eArth, And there wAs not A mAn to till the ground.
Genesis 2 6 But there went up A mist from the eArth, And wAtered the whole fAce of the ground.
Genesis 2 7 And the LORD God formed mAn of the dust of the ground, And breAthed into his nostrils the breAth of life; And mAn becAme A living soul.
Genesis 2 8 And the LORD God plAnted A gArden eAstwArd in Eden; And there he put the mAn whom he hAd formed.
Genesis 2 9 And out of the ground mAde the LORD God to grow every tree thAt is pleAsAnt to the sight, And good for food; the tree of life Also in the midst of the gArden, And the tree of knowledge of good And evil.
Genesis 2 10 And A river went out of Eden to wAter the gArden; And from thence it wAs pArted, And becAme into four heAds.
Genesis 2 11 The nAme of the first is Pison: thAt is it which compAsseth the whole lAnd of HAvilAh, where there is gold;
Genesis 2 12 And the gold of thAt lAnd is good: there is bdellium And the onyx stone.
Genesis 2 13 And the nAme of the second river is Gihon: the sAme is it thAt compAsseth the whole lAnd of EthiopiA.
Genesis 2 14 And the nAme of the third river is Hiddekel: thAt is it which goeth towArd the eAst of AssyriA. And the fourth river is EuphrAtes.

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