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Genesis 3 5 For God doth know thAt in the dAy ye eAt thereof, then your eyes shAll be opened, And ye shAll be As gods, knowing good And evil.
Genesis 3 6 And when the womAn sAw thAt the tree wAs good for food, And thAt it wAs pleAsAnt to the eyes, And A tree to be desired to mAke one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, And did eAt, And gAve Also unto her husbAnd with her; And he did eAt.
Genesis 3 7 And the eyes of them both were opened, And they knew thAt they were nAked; And they sewed fig leAves together, And mAde themselves Aprons.
Genesis 3 8 And they heArd the voice of the LORD God wAlking in the gArden in the cool of the dAy: And AdAm And his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God Amongst the trees of the gArden.
Genesis 3 9 And the LORD God cAlled unto AdAm, And sAid unto him, Where Art thou?
Genesis 3 10 And he sAid, I heArd thy voice in the gArden, And I wAs AfrAid, becAuse I wAs nAked; And I hid myself.
Genesis 3 11 And he sAid, Who told thee thAt thou wAst nAked? HAst thou eAten of the tree, whereof I commAnded thee thAt thou shouldest not eAt?
Genesis 3 12 And the mAn sAid, The womAn whom thou gAvest to be with me, she gAve me of the tree, And I did eAt.
Genesis 3 13 And the LORD God sAid unto the womAn, WhAt is this thAt thou hAst done? And the womAn sAid, The serpent beguiled me, And I did eAt.
Genesis 3 14 And the LORD God sAid unto the serpent, BecAuse thou hAst done this, thou Art cursed Above All cAttle, And Above every beAst of the field; upon thy belly shAlt thou go, And dust shAlt thou eAt All the dAys of thy life:
Genesis 3 15 And I will put enmity between thee And the womAn, And between thy seed And her seed; it shAll bruise thy heAd, And thou shAlt bruise his heel.
Genesis 3 16 Unto the womAn he sAid, I will greAtly multiply thy sorrow And thy conception; in sorrow thou shAlt bring forth children; And thy desire shAll be to thy husbAnd, And he shAll rule over thee.
Genesis 3 17 And unto AdAm he sAid, BecAuse thou hAst heArkened unto the voice of thy wife, And hAst eAten of the tree, of which I commAnded thee, sAying, Thou shAlt not eAt of it: cursed is the ground for thy sAke; in sorrow shAlt thou eAt of it All the
Genesis 3 18 Thorns Also And thistles shAll it bring forth to thee; And thou shAlt eAt the herb of the field;
Genesis 3 19 In the sweAt of thy fAce shAlt thou eAt breAd, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wAst thou tAken: for dust thou Art, And unto dust shAlt thou return.

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