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Exodus 29 19 Then take the other sheep; and after AARON and his sons have put their hands on its head,
Exodus 29 20 You are to put the sheep to death, and take some of its blood and put it on the point of AARON's right ear, and of the right ears of his sons, and on the thumbs of their right hands and the great toes of their right feet, dropping the res
Exodus 29 21 Then take some of the blood on the altar, and the oil, and put it on AARON and his robes and on his sons and on their robes, so that he and his robes and his sons and their robes may be made holy.
Exodus 29 24 And put them all on the hands of AARON and of his sons, to be waved for a wave offering before the Lord.
Exodus 29 26 Then take the breast of AARON's sheep, waving it before the Lord; and it is to be your part of the offering.
Exodus 29 27 So you are to make holy the breast of the sheep which is waved and the leg which is lifted up on high, that is, of the sheep which is offered for AARON and his sons;
Exodus 29 29 And AARON's holy robes will be used by his sons after him; they will put them on when they are made priests.
Exodus 29 32 And let AARON and his sons make a meal of it, with the bread in the basket, at the door of the Tent of meeting.
Exodus 29 35 All these things you are to do to AARON and his sons as I have given you orders: for seven days the work of making them priests is to go on.
Exodus 29 44 I will make holy the Tent of meeting and the altar: and AARON and his sons I will make holy, to be my priests
Exodus 30 7 And on this altar sweet spices are to be burned by AARON every morning when he sees to the lights.
Exodus 30 10 And once every year AARON is to make its horns clean: with the blood of the sin-offering he is to make it clean once every year from generation to generation: it is most holy to the Lord.
Exodus 30 19 That it may be used by AARON and his sons for washing their hands and feet;
Exodus 30 30 And put the oil on AARON and his sons, making them holy to do the work of priests to me.
Exodus 31 10 And the robes of needlework, the holy robes for AARON and for his sons, for their use when acting as priests,

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