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Book Chapter Verse Text
Ezra 2 26 The children of Ramah and GEBA, six hundred and twenty-one.
Nehemiah 7 30 The men of Ramah and GEBA, six hundred and twenty-one.
Nehemiah 11 31 And the children of Benjamin were living from GEBA, at Michmash and Aija, and at Beth-el and its daughter-towns,
Nehemiah 12 29 And from Beth-gilgal and from the fields of GEBA and Azmaveth: for the music-makers had made daughter-towns for themselves round about Jerusalem.
Psalms 83 7 GEBAl and Ammon and Amalek; the Philistines and the people of Tyre;
Isaiah 10 29 They have gone across the mountain; GEBA will be our resting-place tonight, they say: Ramah is shaking with fear; Gibeah of Saul has gone in flight.
Ezekiel 27 9 The responsible men of GEBAl and its wise men were in you, making your boards watertight: all the ships of the sea with their seamen were in you trading in your goods.
Zechariah 14 10 And all the land will become like the Arabah, from GEBA to Rimmon south of Jerusalem; and she will be lifted up and be living in her place; from the doorway of Benjamin to the place of the first doorway, to the doorway of the angle, and

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