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1 Samuel 25 3 Now this man was named Nabal, and his wife's name was Abigail: she was a woman of good sense and pleasing looks: but the man was crUEL and evil in his ways; he was of the family of Caleb.
1 Samuel 28 3 Now SamUEL was dead, and all Israel, after weeping for him, had put his body in its last resting-place in Ramah, his town. And Saul had put away from the land all those who had control of spirits and who made use of secret arts.
1 Samuel 28 11 Then the woman said, Who am I to let you see? And he said, Make SamUEL come up for me.
1 Samuel 28 14 And he said to her, What is his form? And she said, It is an old man coming up covered with a robe. And Saul saw that it was SamUEL, and with his face bent down to the earth he gave him honour.
1 Samuel 28 15 And SamUEL said to Saul, Why have you made me come up, troubling my rest? And Saul in answer said, I am in great danger; for the Philistines are making war on me, and God has gone away from me and will no longer give me any answer, by the
1 Samuel 28 16 And SamUEL said, Why do you put your questions to me, seeing that God has gone away from you and is on the side of him who is against you?
1 Samuel 28 20 Then Saul went down flat on the earth, and was full of fear because of SamUEL's words: and there was no strength in him, for he had taken no food all that day or all that night.
1 Kings 11 25 He was a trouble to Israel all through the days of Solomon. And this is the damage Hadad did: he was crUEL to Israel while he was ruler over Edom.
1 Kings 12 4 Your father put a hard yoke on us: if you will make the conditions under which your father kept us down less crUEL, and the weight of the yoke he put on us less hard, then we will be your servants.
1 Kings 12 25 Then Jeroboam made the town of Shechem in the hill-country of Ephraim a strong place, and was living there; and from there he went out and did the same to PenUEL.
2 Kings 6 32 But Elisha was in his house, and the responsible men were seated there with him; and before the king got there, Elisha said to those who were with him, Do you see how this crUEL and violent man has sent to take away my life?
2 Kings 13 4 Then Jehoahaz made prayer to the Lord, and the Lord gave ear to him, for he saw how crUELly Israel was crushed by the king of Aram.
1 Chronicles 1 35 The sons of Esau: Eliphaz, ReUEL and Jeush and Jalam and Korah.
1 Chronicles 1 37 The sons of ReUEL: Nahath, Zerah, Shammah and Mizzah.
1 Chronicles 4 4 And PenUEL, the father of Gedor, and Ezer, the father of Hushah. These are the sons of Hur, the oldest son of Ephrathah, the father of Beth-lehem.

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