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Job 6 23 Or, Get me out of the power of my hater? or, Give money so that I may be free from the power of the crUEL ones?
Job 10 3 What profit is it to you to be crUEL, to give up the work of your hands, looking kindly on the design of evil-doers?
Job 15 20 The evil man is in pain all his days, and the number of the years stored up for the crUEL is small.
Job 16 9 I am broken by his wrath, and his hate has gone after me; he has made his teeth sharp against me: my haters are looking on me with crUEL eyes;
Job 19 22 Why are you crUEL to me, like God, for ever saying evil against me?
Job 19 28 If you say, How crUEL we will be to him! because the root of sin is clearly in him:
Job 20 19 Because he has been crUEL to the poor, turning away from them in their trouble; because he has taken a house by force which he did not put up;
Job 27 13 This is the punishment of the evil-doer from God, and the heritage given to the crUEL by the Ruler of all.
Job 28 8 The great beasts have not gone over it, and the crUEL lion has not taken that way.
Job 30 21 You have become crUEL to me; the strength of your hand is hard on me.
Job 35 9 Because the hand of the crUEL is hard on them, men are making sounds of grief; they are crying out for help because of the arm of the strong.
Job 39 16 She is crUEL to her young ones, as if they were not hers; her work is to no purpose; she has no fear.
Job 41 10 He is so crUEL that no one is ready to go against him. Who then is able to keep his place before me?
Psalms 5 6 You will send destruction on those whose words are false; the crUEL man and the man of deceit are hated by the Lord.
Psalms 7 1 <Shiggaion of David; a song which he made to the Lord, about the words of Cush the Benjamite.> O Lord my God, I put my faith in you; take me out of the hands of him who is crUEL to me, and make me free;

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