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Psalms 74 18 Keep this in mind, O Lord, that your haters have said crUEL things, and that your name has been looked down on by a people of evil behaviour.
Psalms 74 20 Keep in mind your undertaking; for the dark places of the earth are full of pride and crUEL acts.
Psalms 88 16 The heat of your wrath has gone over me; I am broken by your crUEL punishments.
Psalms 99 6 Moses and Aaron among his priests, and SamUEL among those who gave honour to his name; they made prayers to the Lord, and he gave answers to them.
Psalms 109 16 Because he had no mercy, but was crUEL to the low and the poor, designing the death of the broken-hearted.
Psalms 119 134 Make me free from the crUEL rule of man; then I will keep your orders.
Psalms 119 161 <SHIN> Rulers have been crUEL to me without cause; but I have the fear of your word in my heart.
Proverbs 11 17 The man who has mercy will be rewarded, but the crUEL man is the cause of trouble to himself.
Proverbs 12 10 An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evil-doers are crUEL.
Proverbs 17 11 An uncontrolled man is only looking for trouble, so a crUEL servant will be sent against him.
Proverbs 22 16 He who is crUEL to the poor for the purpose of increasing his profit, and he who gives to the man of wealth, will only come to be in need.
Proverbs 22 22 Do not take away the property of the poor man because he is poor, or be crUEL to the crushed ones when they come before the judge:
Proverbs 27 4 Wrath is crUEL, and angry feeling an overflowing stream; but who does not give way before envy?
Proverbs 28 3 A man of wealth who is crUEL to the poor is like a violent rain causing destruction of food.
Proverbs 28 16 The prince who has no sense is a crUEL ruler; but he who has no desire to get profit for himself will have long life.

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