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Isaiah 51 13 And you have given no thought to the Lord your Maker, by whom the heavens were stretched out, and the earth placed on its base; and you went all day in fear of the wrath of the crUEL one, when he was making ready for your destruction. An
Isaiah 51 23 And I will put it into the hand of your crUEL masters, and of those whose yoke has been hard on you; who have said to your soul, Down on your face! so that we may go over you: and you have given your backs like the earth, even like the s
Isaiah 52 4 For the Lord God says, My people went down at first into Egypt, to get a place for themselves there: and the Assyrian put a crUEL yoke on them without cause.
Isaiah 53 7 Men were crUEL to him, but he was gentle and quiet; as a lamb taken to its death, and as a sheep before those who take her wool makes no sound, so he said not a word.
Isaiah 59 15 Yes, faith is gone; and he whose heart is turned from evil comes into the power of the crUEL: and the Lord saw it, and he was angry that there was no one to take up their cause.
Isaiah 60 14 And the sons of those who were crUEL to you will come before you with bent heads; and those who made sport of you will go down on their faces at your feet; and you will be named, The Town of the Lord, The Zion of the Holy One of Israel.
Jeremiah 6 6 For this is what the Lord of armies has said: Let trees be cut down and an earthwork be placed against Jerusalem: sorrow on the false town! inside her there is nothing but crUEL ways.
Jeremiah 6 7 As the spring keeps its waters cold, so she keeps her evil in her: the sound of crUEL and violent behaviour is in her; before me at all times are disease and wounds.
Jeremiah 6 23 Bows and spears are in their hands; they are crUEL and have no mercy; their voice is like the thunder of the sea, and they go on horses; everyone in his place like men going to the fight, against you, O daughter of Zion.
Jeremiah 7 6 If you are not crUEL to the man from a strange country, and to the child without a father, and to the widow, and do not put the upright to death in this place, or go after other gods, causing damage to yourselves:
Jeremiah 10 19 Sorrow is mine for I am wounded! my wound may not be made well; and I said, CrUEL is my disease, I may not be free from it.
Jeremiah 12 9 My heritage is like a brightly coloured bird to me; the crUEL birds are attacking her on every side: go, get together all the beasts of the field, make them come for destruction.
Jeremiah 15 1 Then the Lord said to me, Even if Moses and SamUEL came before me, I would have no desire for this people: send them away from before me, and let them go.
Jeremiah 15 21 I will keep you safe from the hands of the evil-doers, and I will give you salvation from the hands of the crUEL ones.
Jeremiah 19 9 I will make them take the flesh of their sons and the flesh of their daughters for food, they will be making a meal of one another, because of their bitter need and the crUEL grip of their haters and those who have made designs against th

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