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Deuteronomy 8 15 Who was your guide through that great and crUEL waste, where there were poison-snakes and scorpions and a dry land without water; who made water come out of the hard rock for you;
Deuteronomy 26 6 And the Egyptians were crUEL to us, crushing us under a hard yoke:
Deuteronomy 28 53 And your food will be the fruit of your body, the flesh of the sons and daughters which the Lord your God has given you; because of your bitter need and the crUEL grip of your haters.
Deuteronomy 28 54 That man among you who is soft and used to comfort will be hard and crUEL to his brother, and to his dear wife, and to of those his children who are still living;
Deuteronomy 28 55 And will not give to any of them the flesh of his children which will be his food because he has no other; in the crUEL grip of your haters on all your towns.
Deuteronomy 28 57 And to her baby newly come to birth, and to the children of her body; for having no other food, she will make a meal of them secretly, because of her bitter need and the crUEL grip of your haters on all your towns.
Deuteronomy 28 59 Then the Lord your God will make your punishment, and the punishment of your seed, a thing to be wondered at; great punishments and crUEL diseases stretching on through long years.
Deuteronomy 30 7 And the Lord your God will put all these curses on those who are against you, and on your haters who put a crUEL yoke on you.
Deuteronomy 32 33 Their wine is the poison of dragons, the crUEL poison of snakes.
Judges 2 16 Then the Lord gave them judges, as their saviours from the hands of those who were crUEL to them.
Judges 2 18 And whenever the Lord gave them judges, then the Lord was with the judge, and was their saviour from the hands of their haters all the days of the judge; for the Lord was moved by their cries of grief because of those who were crUEL to the
Judges 4 3 Then the children of Israel made prayer to the Lord; for he had nine hundred iron war-carriages, and for twenty years he was very crUEL to the children of Israel.
Judges 6 9 And I took you out of the hands of the Egyptians and out of the hands of all who were crUEL to you, and I sent them out by force from before you and gave you their land;
Judges 8 8 So he went up from there to PenUEL and made the same request to the men of PenUEL; but they gave him the same answer as the men of Succoth had given.
Judges 8 9 So he said to the men of PenUEL, When I come back in peace, I will have this tower broken down.

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