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1 Samuel 3 11 And the Lord said to SamUEL, See, I will do a thing in Israel at which the ears of everyone hearing of it will be burning.
1 Samuel 3 15 And SamUEL kept where he was, not moving till the time came for opening the doors of the house of God in the morning. And fear kept him from giving Eli an account of his vision.
1 Samuel 3 16 Then Eli said, SamUEL, my son. And SamUEL answering said, Here am I.
1 Samuel 3 18 Then SamUEL gave him an account of everything, keeping nothing back. And he said, It is the Lord; let him do what seems good to him.
1 Samuel 3 19 And SamUEL became older, and the Lord was with him and let not one of his words be without effect.
1 Samuel 3 20 And it was clear to all Israel from Dan to Beer-sheba that SamUEL had been made a prophet of the Lord.
1 Samuel 3 21 And the Lord was seen again in Shiloh; for the Lord gave to SamUEL in Shiloh the revelation of his word.
1 Samuel 5 12 And those men who were not overtaken by death were crUELly diseased: and the cry of the town went up to heaven.
1 Samuel 7 3 Then SamUEL said to all Israel, If with all your hearts you would come back to the Lord, then put away all the strange gods and the Astartes from among you, and let your hearts be turned to the Lord, and be servants to him only: and he will
1 Samuel 7 5 Then SamUEL said, Let all Israel come to Mizpah and I will make prayer to the Lord for you.
1 Samuel 7 6 So they came together to Mizpah, and got water, draining it out before the Lord, and they took no food that day, and they said, We have done evil against the Lord. And SamUEL was judge of the children of Israel in Mizpah.
1 Samuel 7 8 And the children of Israel said to SamUEL, Go on crying to the Lord our God for us to make us safe from the hands of the Philistines.
1 Samuel 7 9 And SamUEL took a young lamb, offering all of it as a burned offering to the Lord; and SamUEL made prayers to the Lord for Israel and the Lord gave him an answer.
1 Samuel 7 10 And while SamUEL was offering the burned offering, the Philistines came near for the attack on Israel; but at the thunder of the Lord's voice that day the Philistines were overcome with fear, and they gave way before Israel.
1 Samuel 7 12 Then SamUEL took a stone and put it up between Mizpah and Jeshanah, naming it Eben-ezer, and saying, Up to now the Lord has been our help.

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