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1 Samuel 7 13 So the Philistines were overcome, and did not come into the country of Israel again: and all the days of SamUEL the hand of the Lord was against the Philistines.
1 Samuel 7 15 And SamUEL was judge of Israel all the days of his life.
1 Samuel 8 1 Now when SamUEL was old, he made his sons judges over Israel.
1 Samuel 8 4 Then all the responsible men of Israel got together and went to SamUEL at Ramah,
1 Samuel 8 6 But SamUEL was not pleased when they said to him, Give us a king to be our judge. And SamUEL made prayer to the Lord.
1 Samuel 8 7 And the Lord said to SamUEL, Give ear to the voice of the people and what they say to you: they have not been turned away from you, but they have been turned away from me, not desiring me to be king over them.
1 Samuel 8 10 And SamUEL said all these words of the Lord to the people who were desiring a king.
1 Samuel 8 19 But the people gave no attention to the voice of SamUEL; and they said, No, but we will have a king over us,
1 Samuel 8 21 Then SamUEL, after hearing all the people had to say, went and gave an account of it to the Lord.
1 Samuel 8 22 And the Lord said to SamUEL, Give ear to their voice and make a king for them. Then SamUEL said to the men of Israel, Let every man go back to his town.
1 Samuel 9 14 So they went up to the town, and when they came inside the town, SamUEL came face to face with them on his way to the high place.
1 Samuel 9 15 Now the day before Saul came, the word of God had come to SamUEL, saying,
1 Samuel 9 17 And when SamUEL saw Saul, the Lord said to him, This is the man of whom I gave you word! he it is who is to have authority over my people.
1 Samuel 9 18 Then Saul came up to SamUEL in the doorway of the town and said, Give me directions, if you will be so good, to the house of the seer.
1 Samuel 9 19 Then SamUEL said to Saul, I am the seer; go up before me to the high place and take food with me today: and in the morning I will let you go, after opening to you all the secrets of your heart.

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