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1 Samuel 9 22 Then SamUEL took Saul and his servant into the guest room, and made them take the chief place among all the guests who were there, about thirty persons.
1 Samuel 9 23 And SamUEL said to the cook, Give me that part which I gave you orders to keep by you.
1 Samuel 9 24 And the cook took up the leg with the fat tail on it, and put it before Saul. And SamUEL said, This is the part which has been kept for you: take it as your part of the feast; because it has been kept for you till the right time came and t
1 Samuel 9 26 And about dawn SamUEL said to Saul on the roof, Get up so that I may send you away. So Saul got up, and he and SamUEL went out together.
1 Samuel 9 27 And on their way down to the end of the town, SamUEL said to Saul, Give your servant orders to go on in front of us, (so he went on,) but you keep here, so that I may give you the word of God.
1 Samuel 10 1 Then SamUEL took the bottle of oil, and put the oil on his head and gave him a kiss and said, Is not the Lord with the holy oil making you ruler over Israel, his people? and you will have authority over the people of the Lord, and you will
1 Samuel 10 9 And it came about, that when he went away from SamUEL, God gave him a changed heart: and all those signs took place that day.
1 Samuel 10 14 And Saul's father's brother said to him and his servant, Where have you been? And he said, Searching for the asses: and when we saw no sign of them, we came to SamUEL.
1 Samuel 10 15 Then he said, And what did SamUEL say to you?
1 Samuel 10 16 And Saul, answering him, said, He gave us word that the asses had come back. But he said nothing to him of SamUEL's words about the kingdom.
1 Samuel 10 17 Then SamUEL sent for the people to come together before the Lord at Mizpah;
1 Samuel 10 20 So SamUEL made all the tribes of Israel come near, and the tribe of Benjamin was taken.
1 Samuel 10 24 And SamUEL said to all the people, Do you see the man of the Lord's selection, how there is no other like him among all the people? And all the people with loud cries said, Long life to the king!
1 Samuel 10 25 Then SamUEL gave the people the laws of the kingdom, writing them in a book which he put in a safe place before the Lord. And SamUEL sent all the people away, every man to his house.
1 Samuel 11 7 And he took two oxen and, cutting them up, sent them through all the land of Israel by the hand of runners, saying, If any man does not come out after Saul and SamUEL, this will be done to his oxen. And the fear of the Lord came on the peo

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