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1 Samuel 17 22 And David gave his parcels into the hands of the keeper of the army stores, and went running to the army and came to his brothers to get KNOWLEDGE about them.
1 Samuel 17 28 And Eliab, his oldest brother, hearing what David said to the men, was moved to wrath against David, and said, Why have you come here? Into whose care have you given that little flock of sheep in the waste land? I have KNOWLEDGE of your p
1 Samuel 20 39 But the boy had no idea what was going on; only Jonathan and David had KNOWLEDGE of it.
1 Samuel 22 15 Is this the first time I have got directions from God for him? Far be the thought! let the king make no such statement against his servant or my father's family, for your servant has no KNOWLEDGE, great or small, of this thing.
1 Samuel 22 17 Then the king said to the runners who were waiting near him, Put the priests of the Lord to death; because they are on David's side, and having KNOWLEDGE of his flight, did not give me word of it. But the king's servants would not put out
1 Samuel 23 15 And David was full of fear, in the KNOWLEDGE that Saul had come out to take his life; and David was in the waste land of Ziph, in Horesh.
1 Samuel 23 23 So take care to get KNOWLEDGE of all the secret places where he is taking cover, and be certain to come back to me, and I will go with you: and without doubt, if he is anywhere in the land, I will get him, among all the families of Judah.
1 Samuel 28 9 And the woman said to him, But you have KNOWLEDGE of what Saul has done, how he has put away out of the land those who have control of spirits and the users of secret arts: why would you, by a trick, put me in danger of death?
2 Samuel 3 25 Is it not clear to you that Abner, the son of Ner, came with deceit to get KNOWLEDGE of your going out and your coming in and of all you are doing?
2 Samuel 3 26 And when Joab had come out from David, he sent men after Abner, and they overtook him at the water-spring of Sirah, and made him come back with them: but David had no KNOWLEDGE of it.
2 Samuel 7 20 What more may David say to you? for you have KNOWLEDGE of your servant, O Lord God.
2 Samuel 11 3 And David sent to get KNOWLEDGE who the woman was. And one said, Is this not Bath-sheba, the daughter of Eliam and wife of Uriah the Hittite?
2 Samuel 14 20 This he did, hoping that the face of this business might be changed: and my lord is wise, with the wisdom of the angel of God, having KNOWLEDGE of everything on earth.
2 Samuel 17 8 Hushai said further, You have KNOWLEDGE of your father and his men, that they are men of war, and that their feelings are bitter, like those of a bear in the field whose young ones have been taken from her: and your father is a man of war,
2 Samuel 17 19 And a woman put a cover over the hole, and put crushed grain on top of it, and no one had any KNOWLEDGE of it.

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