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2 Samuel 10 18 And the Aramaeans went in flight before Israel; and David put to the sword the men of seven hundred Aramaean war-carriages and forty thousand footmen, and Shobach, the captain of the army, was WOUNDed, and came to his death there.
2 Samuel 22 39 I have sent destruction on them and given them WOUNDs, so that they are not able to get up: they are stretched under my feet.
1 Kings 13 26 Then the prophet who had made him come back, hearing it, said, It is the man of God, who went against the word of the Lord; that is why the Lord has given him to the lion to be WOUNDed to death, as the Lord said.
1 Kings 20 35 And a certain man of the sons of the prophets said to his neighbour by the word of the Lord, Give me a WOUND. But the man would not.
1 Kings 20 37 Then he came across another man, and said, Give me a WOUND. And the man gave him a blow WOUNDing him.
1 Kings 22 34 And a certain man sent an arrow from his bow without thought of its direction, and gave the king of Israel a WOUND where his breastplate was joined to his clothing; so he said to the driver of his war-carriage, Go to one side and take me
1 Kings 22 35 But the fight became more violent while the day went on; and the king was supported in his war-carriage facing the Aramaeans, and the floor of the carriage was covered with the blood from his WOUND, and by evening he was dead.
2 Kings 8 28 He went with Joram, the son of Ahab, to make war on Hazael, king of Aram, at Ramoth-gilead: and Joram was WOUNDed by the Aramaeans.
2 Kings 8 29 So King Joram went back to Jezreel to get well from the WOUNDs which the bowmen had given him at Ramah, when he was fighting against Hazael, king of Aram. And Ahaziah, the son of Jehoram, king of Judah, went down to see Joram, the son of A
2 Kings 9 15 But King Joram had gone back to Jezreel to get well from the WOUNDs which the Aramaeans had given him when he was fighting against Hazael, king of Aram.) And Jehu said, If this is your purpose, then let no one get away and go out of the to
2 Kings 9 24 Then Jehu took his bow in his hand, and with all his strength sent an arrow, WOUNDing Joram between the arms; and the arrow came out at his heart, and he went down on his face in his carriage.
2 Kings 9 27 Now when Ahaziah, king of Judah, saw this, he went in flight by the way of the garden house. And Jehu came after him and said, Put him to death in the same way; and they gave him a death-WOUND in his carriage, on the slope up to Gur, by Ib
2 Kings 20 7 Then Isaiah said, Take a cake of figs. So they took it and put it on his WOUND, and he got better.
1 Chronicles 10 1 Now the Philistines were fighting against Israel; and the men of Israel went in flight before the Philistines, falling down WOUNDed in Mount Gilboa.
1 Chronicles 10 3 And the fight was going against Saul, and the archers came across him, and he was WOUNDed by the archers.

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