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Jeremiah 49 3 Make sounds of grief, O Heshbon, for Ai is wasted; give loud cries, O daughters of Rabbah, and put haircloth round you: give yourselves to weeping, running here and there and WOUNDing yourselves; for Milcom will be taken prisoner together
Jeremiah 51 4 And the dead will be stretched out in the land of the Chaldaeans, and the WOUNDed in her streets.
Jeremiah 51 52 For this reason, see, the days are coming, says the Lord, when I will send punishment on her images; and through all her land the WOUNDed will be crying out in pain.
Lamentations 1 12 Come to me, all you who go by! Keep your eyes on me, and see if there is any pain like the pain of my WOUND, which the Lord has sent on me in the day of his burning wrath.
Lamentations 2 2 The Lord has given up to destruction all the living-places of Jacob without pity; pulling down in his wrath the strong places of the daughter of Judah, stretching out on the earth the WOUNDed, even her king and her rulers.
Lamentations 2 12 They say to their mothers, Where is grain and wine? when they are falling like the WOUNDed in the open squares of the town, when their life is drained out on their mother's breast.
Ezekiel 16 40 And they will get together a meeting against you, stoning you with stones and WOUNDing you with their swords.
Ezekiel 21 14 So then, son of man, be a prophet, and put your hands together with a loud sound, and give two blows with the sword, and even three; it is the sword of those who are WOUNDed, even the sword of the WOUNDed; the great sword which goes roun
Ezekiel 21 25 And you, O evil one, WOUNDed to death, O ruler of Israel, whose day has come in the time of the last punishment;
Ezekiel 21 29 Your vision is to no purpose, your use of secret arts gives a false answer, to put it on the necks of evil-doers who are WOUNDed to death, whose day has come, in the time of the last punishment.
Ezekiel 26 15 This is what the Lord has said to Tyre: Will not the sea-lands be shaking at the sound of your fall, when the WOUNDed give cries of pain, when men are put to the sword in you?
Ezekiel 28 9 Will you say, in the face of those who are taking your life, I am God? but you are man and not God in the hands of those who are WOUNDing you.
Ezekiel 28 23 And I will send on her disease and blood in her streets; and the WOUNDed will be falling in the middle of her, and the sword will be against her on every side; and they will be certain that I am the Lord.
Ezekiel 28 24 And there will no longer be a plant with sharp points WOUNDing the children of Israel, or a thorn troubling them among any who are round about them, who put shame on them; and they will be certain that I am the Lord.
Ezekiel 30 24 And I will make the arms of the king of Babylon strong, and will put my sword in his hand: but Pharaoh's arms will be broken, and he will give cries of pain before him like the cries of a man WOUNDed to death.

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