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Genesis 6 18 But with YOu I will make an agreement; and YOu will come into the ark, YOu and YOur sons and YOur wife and YOur sons' wives with YOu.
Genesis 6 19 And YOu will take with YOu into the ark two of every sort of living thing, and keep them safe with YOu; they will be male and female.
Genesis 6 20 Two of every sort of bird and cattle and of every sort of living thing which goes on the earth will YOu take with YOu to keep them from destruction.
Genesis 6 21 And make a store of every sort of food for YOurself and them.
Genesis 7 1 And the Lord said to Noah, Take all YOur family and go into the ark, for YOu only in this generation have I seen to be upright.
Genesis 7 2 Of every clean beast YOu will take seven males and seven females, and of the beasts which are not clean, two, the male and his female;
Genesis 8 16 Go out of the ark, YOu and YOur wife and YOur sons and YOur sons' wives.
Genesis 8 17 Take out with YOu every living thing which is with YOu, birds and cattle and everything which goes on the earth, so that they may have offspring and be fertile and be increased on the earth.
Genesis 9 2 And the fear of YOu will be strong in every beast of the earth and every bird of the air; everything which goes on the land, and all the fishes of the sea, are given into YOur hands.
Genesis 9 3 Every living and moving thing will be food for YOu; I give them all to YOu as before I gave YOu all green things.
Genesis 9 4 But flesh with the life-blood in it YOu may not take for food.
Genesis 9 5 And for YOur blood, which is YOur life, will I take payment; from every beast I will take it, and from every man will I take payment for the blood of his brother-man.
Genesis 9 9 Truly, I will make my agreement with YOu and with YOur seed after YOu,
Genesis 9 10 And with every living thing with YOu, all birds and cattle and every beast of the earth which comes out of the ark with YOu.
Genesis 9 11 And I will make my agreement with YOu; never again will all flesh be cut off by the waters; never again will the waters come over all the earth for its destruction.

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