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Genesis 15 18 In that day the Lord made an agreement with Abram, and said, To YOur seed have I given this land from the river of Egypt to the great river, the river Euphrates:
Genesis 16 5 And Sarai said to Abram, May my wrong be on YOu: I gave YOu my servant for YOur wife and when she saw that she was with child, she no longer had any respect for me: may the Lord be judge between YOu and me.
Genesis 16 6 And Abram said, The woman is in YOur power; do with her whatever seems good to YOu. And Sarai was cruel to her, so that she went running away from her.
Genesis 16 8 And he said, Hagar, Sarai's servant, where have YOu come from and where are YOu going? And she said, I am running away from Sarai, my master's wife.
Genesis 16 9 And the angel said to her, Go back, and put YOurself under her authority.
Genesis 16 10 And the angel of the Lord said, YOur seed will be greatly increased so that it may not be numbered.
Genesis 16 11 And the angel of the Lord said, See, YOu are with child and will give birth to a son, to whom YOu will give the name Ishmael, because the ears of the Lord were open to YOur sorrow.
Genesis 16 13 And to the Lord who was talking with her she gave this name, YOu are a God who is seen; for she said, Have I not even here in the waste land had a vision of God and am still living?
Genesis 17 2 And I will make an agreement between YOu and me, and YOur offspring will be greatly increased.
Genesis 17 4 As for me, my agreement is made with YOu, and YOu will be the father of nations without end.
Genesis 17 5 No longer will YOur name be Abram, but Abraham, for I have made YOu the father of a number of nations.
Genesis 17 6 I will make YOu very fertile, so that nations will come from YOu and kings will be YOur offspring.
Genesis 17 7 And I will make between me and YOu and YOur seed after YOu through all generations, an eternal agreement to be a God to YOu and to YOur seed after YOu.
Genesis 17 8 And to YOu and to YOur seed after YOu, I will give the land in which YOu are living, all the land of Canaan for an eternal heritage; and I will be their God.
Genesis 17 9 And God said to Abraham, On YOur side, YOu are to keep the agreement, YOu and YOur seed after YOu through all generations.

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