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Joshua 13 5 And the land of the GEBAlites, and all Lebanon, looking east, from Baal-gad under Mount Hermon as far as Hamath:
Joshua 18 24 And Chephar-Ammoni and Ophni and GEBA; twelve towns with their unwalled places;
Joshua 21 17 And from the tribe of Benjamin they gave Gibeon and GEBA with their grass-lands;
Judges 20 33 So all the men of Israel got up and put themselves in fighting order at Baal-tamar: and those who had been waiting secretly to make a surprise attack came rushing out of their place on the west of GEBA.
Judges 20 45 And turning, they went in flight to the rock of Rimmon in the waste land: and on the highways five thousand of them were cut off by the men of Israel, who, pushing on hard after them to GEBA, put to death two thousand more.
1 Samuel 13 16 And Saul, with Jonathan his son and the people who were with them, was waiting in GEBA in the land of Benjamin: but the tents of the Philistines were in Michmash.
1 Samuel 14 2 And Saul was still waiting in the farthest part of GEBA, under the fruit-tree in Migron: there were about six hundred men with him;
1 Samuel 14 5 The one rock went up on the north in front of Michmash and the other on the south in front of GEBA.
1 Samuel 14 16 And the watchmen of Saul, looking out from GEBA in the land of Benjamin, saw all the army flowing away and running here and there.
2 Samuel 2 24 But Joab and Abishai went after Abner: and the sun went down when they came to the hill of Ammah, which is to the east of the road through the waste land of GEBA.
1 Kings 15 22 Then King Asa got all Judah together, making every man come; and they took away the stones and the wood with which Baasha was building Ramah, and King Asa made use of them for building GEBA in the land of Benjamin, and Mizpah.
2 Kings 23 8 And he made all the priests from the towns of Judah come into Jerusalem, and he made unclean the high places where the priests had been burning offerings, from GEBA to Beer-sheba; and he had the high places of the evil spirits pulled down
1 Chronicles 6 60 And from the tribe of Benjamin: GEBA with its outskirts, and Alemeth with its outskirts, and Anathoth with its outskirts. All their towns among their families were thirteen towns.
1 Chronicles 8 6 And these are the sons of Ehud, heads of families of those living in GEBA: Iglaam and Alemeth
2 Chronicles 16 6 Then King Asa, with all Judah, took away the stones and wood with which Baasha was building Ramah, and he made use of them for building GEBA and Mizpah.

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