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Book Chapter Verse Text
1 Chronicles 5 10 And in the days of Saul, they made war with the HAGRItes, who fell by their hand; and they dwelt in their tents throughout all the [land] east of Gilead.
1 Chronicles 5 19 And they made war with the HAGRItes, with Jetur, and Naphish, and Nodab.
1 Chronicles 5 20 And they were helped against them, and the HAGRItes were delivered into their hand, and all that were with them; for they cried to God in the battle, and he was entreated of them, because they put their trust in him.
1 Chronicles 11 38 Joel the brother of Nathan, Mibhar the son of HAGRI,
1 Chronicles 27 30 and over the camels was Obil the Ishmaelite: and over the asses was Jehdeiah the Meronothite: and over the flocks was Jaziz the HAGRIte.

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