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Acts 14 6 Having got news of it, they went in flight to the towns of Lycaonia, LYSTRA, and Derbe, and the country round about:
Acts 14 8 And at LYSTRA there was a certain man, who from birth had been without the use of his feet, never having had the power of walking.
Acts 14 21 And having made a number of disciples through the preaching of the good news in that town, they went back to LYSTRA and Iconium and Antioch,
Acts 16 1 And he came to Derbe and LYSTRA: and there was a certain disciple there named Timothy, whose mother was one of the Jews of the faith, but his father was a Greek;
Acts 16 2 Of whom the brothers at LYSTRA and Iconium had a high opinion.
2 Timothy 3 11 My punishments and pain; the things which came to me at Antioch, at Iconium, at LYSTRA; the cruel attacks made on me: and the Lord made me free from them all.

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