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1 Samuel 14 50 The name of Saul's wife was Ahinoam, the daughter of AhiMAAZ; the captain of his army was Abner, the son of Ner, brother of Saul's father.
2 Samuel 15 27 The king said further to Zadok the priest, See, you and Abiathar are to go back to the town in peace, with your two sons, AhiMAAZ, your son, and Jonathan, the son of Abiathar.
2 Samuel 15 36 See, they have with them their two sons, AhiMAAZ, Zadok's son, and Jonathan, the son of Abiathar; by them you may send word to me of everything which comes to your ears.
2 Samuel 17 17 Now Jonathan and AhiMAAZ were waiting by En-rogel; and a servant-girl went from time to time and gave them news and they went with the news to King David, for it was not wise for them to let themselves be seen coming into the town.
2 Samuel 17 20 And Absalom's servants came to the woman at the house and said, Where are AhiMAAZ and Jonathan? And the woman said to them, They have gone from here to the stream. And after searching for them, and seeing nothing of them, they went back t
2 Samuel 18 19 Then AhiMAAZ, the son of Zadok, said, Let me go and give the king news of how the Lord has done right in his cause against those who took up arms against him.
2 Samuel 18 22 Then AhiMAAZ, the son of Zadok, said to Joab again, Whatever may come of it, let me go after the Cushite. And Joab said, Why have you a desire to go, my son, seeing that you will get no reward for your news?
2 Samuel 18 23 Whatever may come of it, he said, I will go. Then he said to him, Go. So AhiMAAZ went running by the lowland road and overtook the Cushite.
2 Samuel 18 27 And the watchman said, It seems to me that the running of the first is like the running of AhiMAAZ, the son of Zadok. And the king said, He is a good man, and his news will be good.
2 Samuel 18 28 And AhiMAAZ, crying out to the king, said, It is well. And falling down before the king, with his face to the earth, he said, May the Lord your God be praised, who has given up the men who took up arms against my lord the king!
2 Samuel 18 29 And the king said, Is it well with the young man Absalom? And AhiMAAZ said in answer, When Joab sent me, your servant, I saw a great outcry going on, but I had no knowledge of what it was.
1 Kings 4 15 AhiMAAZ in Naphtali; he took Basemath, the daughter of Solomon, as his wife;
1 Chronicles 2 27 And the sons of Ram, the oldest son of Jerahmeel, were MAAZ and Jamin and Eker.
1 Chronicles 6 8 And Ahitub was the father of Zadok, and Zadok was the father of AhiMAAZ,
1 Chronicles 6 9 And AhiMAAZ was the father of Azariah, and Azariah was the father of Johanan,

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