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Exodus 2 3 And when she was no longer able to keep him secret, she made him a basket out of the stems of water-plants, pasting sticky earth over it to keep the water out; and placing the BABY in it she put it among the plants by the edge of the Nile.
Deuteronomy 28 57 And to her BABY newly come to birth, and to the children of her body; for having no other food, she will make a meal of them secretly, because of her bitter need and the cruel grip of your haters on all your towns.
Deuteronomy 32 25 Outside they will be cut off by the sword, and in the inner rooms by fear; death will take the young man and the virgin, the BABY at the breast and the grey-haired man.
Joshua 7 21 When I saw among their goods a fair robe of BABYlon and two hundred shekels of silver, and a mass of gold, fifty shekels in weight, I was overcome by desire and took them; and they are put away in the earth in my tent, and the silver is un
1 Samuel 15 3 Go now and put Amalek to the sword, putting to the curse all they have, without mercy: put to death every man and woman, every child and BABY at the breast, every ox and sheep, camel and ass.
2 Kings 17 24 Then the king of Assyria took men from BABYlon and from Cuthah and Avva and Hamath and Sepharvaim, and put them in the towns of Samaria in place of the children of Israel; so they got Samaria for their heritage, living in its towns.
2 Kings 17 30 The men of BABYlon made Succoth-benoth, and the men of Cuth made Nergal, and the men of Hamath made Ashima,
2 Kings 20 12 At that time, Merodach-baladan, the son of Baladan, king of BABYlon, sent letters with an offering to Hezekiah, because he had news that Hezekiah had been ill.
2 Kings 20 14 Then Isaiah the prophet came to King Hezekiah and said to him, What did these men say and where did they come from? And Hezekiah said, They came from a far country, even from BABYlon.
2 Kings 20 17 Truly, days are coming when everything in your house, and whatever your fathers have put in store till this day, will be taken away to BABYlon: all will be gone, says the Lord.
2 Kings 20 18 And your sons, the offspring of your body, they will take away to be unsexed servants in the house of the king of BABYlon.
2 Kings 24 1 In his days, Nebuchadnezzar, king of BABYlon, came up and Jehoiakim was his servant for three years; then he took up arms against him.
2 Kings 24 7 And the king of Egypt did not come out of his land again, for the king of BABYlon had taken all his country, from the stream of Egypt to the river Euphrates.
2 Kings 24 11 And Nebuchadnezzar, king of BABYlon, came there, while his servants were shutting in the town;
2 Kings 24 12 Then Jehoiachin, king of Judah, went out to the king of BABYlon, with his mother and his servants and his chiefs and his unsexed servants; and in the eighth year of his rule the king of BABYlon took him.

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