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1 Kings 9 1 Now when Solomon came to the end of building the house of the Lord and the king's house, and all Solomon's desires, which he had in mind were EFFECTED;
1 Kings 12 15 So the king did not give ear to the people; and this came about by the purpose of the Lord, so that what he had said by Ahijah the Shilonite to Jeroboam, son of Nebat, might be EFFECTED.
Esther 9 14 And the king said that this was to be done, and the order was given out in Shushan, and the hanging of Haman's ten sons was EFFECTED.
Psalms 59 10 The God of my mercy will go before me: God will let me see my desire EFFECTED on my haters.
Proverbs 7 14 I have a feast of peace-offerings, for today my oaths have been EFFECTED.
Isaiah 7 7 This is the word of the Lord God: This design will not come about or be EFFECTED.
Isaiah 8 10 Let your designs be formed, and they will come to nothing; give your orders, and they will not be EFFECTED: for God is with us.
Isaiah 14 24 The Lord has taken an oath, saying, My design will certainly come about, and my purpose will be EFFECTED:
Isaiah 48 7 They have only now been EFFECTED, and not in the past: and before this day they had not come to your ears; for fear that you might say, I had knowledge of them.
Micah 5 15 And my punishment will be EFFECTED on the nations with such burning wrath as they have not had word of.
Micah 7 10 And my hater will see it and be covered with shame; she who said to me, Where is the Lord your God? my eyes will see their desire EFFECTED on her, now she will be crushed under foot like the dust of the streets.
Habakkuk 1 4 For this reason the law is feeble and decisions are not EFFECTED: for the upright man is circled round by evil-doers; because of which right is twisted.
Acts 27 13 And when the south wind came softly, being of the opinion that their purpose might be EFFECTED, they let the ship go and went sailing down the side of Crete, very near to the land.
Romans 9 11 Before the children had come into existence, or had done anything good or bad, in order that God's purpose and his selection might be EFFECTED, not by works, but by him whose purpose it is,

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