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Deuteronomy 22 6 If by chance you see a place which a bird has made for itself in a tree or on the earth, with young ones or EGGS, and the mother bird seated on the young ones or on the EGGS, do not take the mother bird with the young:
Job 39 14 That she puts her EGGS on the earth, warming them in the dust,
Proverbs 27 8 Like a bird wandering from the place of her EGGS is a man wandering from his station.
Isaiah 10 14 And I have put my hands on the wealth of the peoples, as on the place where a bird has put her EGGS; and as a man may take the EGGS from which a bird has gone, so I have taken all the earth for myself: and not a wing was moved, and not a
Isaiah 34 15 The arrowsnake will make her hole and put her EGGS there, and get her young together under her shade: there the hawks will come together by twos.
Isaiah 59 5 They give birth to snake's EGGS, and make spider's threads: whoever takes their EGGS for food comes to his death, and the egg which is crushed becomes a poison-snake.
Jeremiah 17 11 Like the partridge, getting EGGS together but not producing young, is a man who gets wealth but not by right; before half his days are ended, it will go from him, and at his end he will be foolish.

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