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Genesis 49 17 Dan shall be a serpent in the way, An adder in the path, That biteth the horse's heels, So that his rider FALLETH backward.
Exodus 1 10 come, let us deal wisely with them, lest they multiply, and it come to pass, that, when there FALLETH out any war, they also join themselves unto our enemies, and fight against us, and get them up out of the land.
Exodus 15 16 Terror and dread FALLETH upon them; By the greatness of thine arm they are as still as a stone; Till thy people pass over, O Jehovah, Till the people pass over that thou hast purchased.
Leviticus 11 33 And every earthen vessel, whereinto any of them FALLETH, whatsoever is in it shall be unclean, and it ye shall break.
Leviticus 11 35 And every thing whereupon [any part] of their carcass FALLETH shall be unclean; whether oven, or range for pots, it shall be broken in pieces: they are unclean, and shall be unclean unto you.
Numbers 33 54 And ye shall inherit the land by lot according to your families; to the more ye shall give the more inheritance, and to the fewer thou shalt give the less inheritance: wheresoever the lot FALLETH to any man, that shall be his; according t
2 Samuel 3 29 let it fall upon the head of Joab, and upon all his father's house; and let there not fail from the house of Joab one that hath an issue, or that is a leper, or that leaneth on a staff, or that FALLETH by the sword, or that lacketh bread.
2 Samuel 3 34 Thy hands were not bound, nor thy feet put into fetters: As a man FALLETH before the children of iniquity, so didst thou fall. And all the people wept again over him.
2 Samuel 17 12 So shall we come upon him in some place where he shall be found, and we will light upon him as the dew FALLETH on the ground; and of him and of all the men that are with him we will not leave so much as one.
Job 4 13 In thoughts from the visions of the night, When deep sleep FALLETH on men,
Job 30 30 My skin is black, [and FALLETH] from me, And my bones are burned with heat.
Job 33 15 In a dream, in a vision of the night, When deep sleep FALLETH upon men, In slumberings upon the bed;
Proverbs 11 14 Where no wise guidance is, the people FALLETH; But in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.
Proverbs 13 17 A wicked messenger FALLETH into evil; But a faithful ambassador is health.
Proverbs 17 20 He that hath a wayward heart findeth no good; And he that hath a perverse tongue FALLETH into mischief.

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