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Numbers 36 6 This is the order of the Lord about the daughters of Zelophehad: The Lord says, Let them take as their HUSBANDS whoever is most pleasing to them, but only among the family of their father's tribe.
Numbers 36 11 For Mahlah, Tirzah, and Hoglah, and Milcah, and Noah, the daughters of Zelophehad, took as their HUSBANDS the sons of their father's brothers:
Deuteronomy 7 3 Do not take wives or HUSBANDS from among them; do not give your daughters to their sons, or take their daughters for your sons.
Ruth 1 9 May the Lord give you rest in the houses of your HUSBANDS. Then she gave them a kiss; and they were weeping bitterly.
Ruth 1 11 But Naomi said, Go back, my daughters; why will you come with me? Have I more sons in my body, to become your HUSBANDS?
Ruth 1 13 Would you keep yourselves till they were old enough? would you keep from having HUSBANDS for them? No, my daughters; but I am very sad for you that the hand of the Lord is against me.
Esther 1 17 For news of what the queen has done will come to the ears of all women, and they will no longer give respect to their HUSBANDS when it is said to them, King Ahasuerus gave orders for Vashti the queen to come before him and she came not.
Esther 1 20 And when this order, given by the king, is made public through all his kingdom (for it is great), all the wives will give honour to their HUSBANDS, great as well as small.
Jeremiah 29 6 Take wives and have sons and daughters, and take wives for your sons, and give your daughters to HUSBANDS, so that they may have sons and daughters; and be increased in number there and do not become less.
Jeremiah 44 19 And the women said, When we were burning perfumes to the queen of heaven and draining out drink offerings to her, did we make cakes in her image and give her our drink offerings without the knowledge of our HUSBANDS?
Ezekiel 16 38 And you will be judged by me as women are judged who have been untrue to their HUSBANDS and have taken life; and I will let loose against you passion and bitter feeling.
Ezekiel 16 45 You are the daughter of your mother whose soul is turned in disgust from her husband and her children; and you are the sister of your sisters who were turned in disgust from their HUSBANDS and their children: your mother was a Hittite an
Hosea 4 13 They make offerings on the tops of mountains, burning perfumes in high places, under trees of every sort, because their shade is good: and so your daughters are given up to loose ways and your brides are false to their HUSBANDS.
Matthew 22 30 For when they come back from the dead there are no HUSBANDS and wives, but they are as the angels in heaven.
John 4 18 You have had five HUSBANDS, and the man you have now is not your husband: that was truly said.

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