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Genesis 19 19 See now, your servant has had grace in your eyes and great is your mercy in keeping my life from destruction, but I am not able to get as far as the mountain before evil OVERTAKES me and death;
Genesis 42 38 And he said, I will not let my son go down with you; for his brother is dead and he is all I have: if evil OVERTAKES him on the journey, then through you will my grey head go down to the underworld in sorrow.
Numbers 16 29 If these men have the common death of men, or if the natural fate of all men OVERTAKES them, then the Lord has not sent me.
Deuteronomy 28 20 The Lord will send on you cursing and trouble and punishment in everything to which you put your hand, till sudden destruction OVERTAKES you; because of your evil ways in which you have been false to me.
2 Samuel 18 3 But the people said, It is better for you not to go out: for if we are put to flight, they will not give a thought to us, and if death OVERTAKES half of us, it will be nothing to them: but you are of more value than ten thousand of us: so
Job 18 7 The steps of his strength become short, and by his design destruction OVERTAKES him.
Proverbs 28 28 When evil-doers are lifted up, men take cover; but when destruction OVERTAKES them, the upright are increased.
Jeremiah 13 22 And if you say in your heart, Why have these things come on me? because of the number of your sins, your skirts have been uncovered and violent punishment OVERTAKES you.
Jeremiah 38 10 Then the king gave orders to Ebed-melech the Ethiopian, saying, Take with you three men from here and get Jeremiah out of the water-hole before death OVERTAKES him.
2 Peter 2 13 For the evil which OVERTAKES them is the reward of their evil-doing: such men take their pleasure in the delights of the flesh even in the daytime; they are like the marks of a disease, like poisoned wounds among you, feasting together wi

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