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Leviticus 26 30 And I will send destruction on your high places, OVERTURNING your perfume altars, and will put your dead bodies on your broken images, and my soul will be turned from you in disgust.
Judges 7 13 When Gideon came there, a man was giving his friend an account of his dream, saying, See, I had a dream about a cake of barley bread which, falling into the tents of Midian, came on to the tent, OVERTURNING it so that it was stretched out
Job 9 5 It is he who takes away the mountains without their knowledge, OVERTURNING them in his wrath:
Job 12 19 He makes priests prisoners, OVERTURNING those in safe positions;
Job 28 9 Man puts out his hand on the hard rock, OVERTURNING mountains by the roots.
Job 34 25 For he has knowledge of their works, OVERTURNING them in the night, so that they are crushed.
Isaiah 14 17 Who made the world a waste, OVERTURNING its towns; who did not let his prisoners loose from the prison-house.
Jeremiah 1 10 See, this day I have put you over the nations and over the kingdoms, for uprooting and smashing down, for destruction and OVERTURNING, for building up and planting.
Jeremiah 31 28 And it will come about that, as I have been watching over them for the purpose of uprooting and smashing down and OVERTURNING and sending destruction and causing trouble; so I will be watching over them for the purpose of building up and
Haggai 2 22 OVERTURNING the power of kingdoms; and I will send destruction on the strength of the kingdoms of the nations; by me war-carriages will be overturned with those who are in them; and the horses and the horsemen will come down, everyone by
Zechariah 9 4 See, the Lord will take away her heritage, OVERTURNING her power in the sea; and she will be burned up with fire.
Matthew 21 12 And Jesus went into the Temple and sent out all who were trading there, OVERTURNING the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those trading in doves.
Mark 11 15 And they came to Jerusalem; and he went into the Temple, and sent out those who were trading there, OVERTURNING the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those who were offering doves for money;
John 2 15 And he made a whip of small cords and put them all out of the Temple, with the sheep and the oxen, sending in all directions the small money of the changers and OVERTURNING their tables;
2 Timothy 2 18 Men whose ideas are all false, who say that the coming back from the dead has even now taken place, OVERTURNING the faith of some.

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