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Genesis 23 15 My lord, give ear to me: the VALUE of the land is four hundred shekels; what is that between me and you? so put your dead to rest there.
Genesis 24 53 Then he took jewels of silver and jewels of gold and fair robes and gave them to Rebekah: and he gave things of VALUE to her mother and her brother.
Exodus 22 4 If he still has what he had taken, whatever it is, ox or ass or sheep, he is to give twice its VALUE.
Exodus 22 7 If a man puts money or goods in the care of his neighbour to keep for him, and it is taken from the man's house, if they get the thief, he will have to make payment of twice the VALUE.
Exodus 25 7 Beryls and stones of VALUE to be put on the ephod and on the priest's bag.
Exodus 30 13 And this is what they are to give; let every man who is numbered give half a shekel, by the scale of the holy place: (the shekel being VALUEd at twenty gerahs:) this money is an offering to the Lord.
Exodus 38 21 This is the price of the making of the House, even the House of witness, as it was VALUEd by the word of Moses, for the work of the Levites under the direction of Ithamar, the son of Aaron the priest.
Leviticus 5 15 If anyone is untrue, sinning in error in connection with the holy things of the Lord, let him take his offering to the Lord, a male sheep from the flock, without any mark, of the VALUE fixed by you in silver by shekels, by the scale of the
Leviticus 5 16 And he is to make payment to the priest for what he has done wrong in relation to the holy thing, together with a fifth part of its VALUE in addition; and the priest will take away his sin by the sheep of his offering, and he will have for
Leviticus 5 18 Let him come to the priest with a sheep, a male without any mark out of the flock, of the VALUE fixed by you, as an offering for his error; and the priest will take away the sin which he did in error, and he will have forgiveness.
Leviticus 6 5 Or anything about which he took a false oath; he will have to give it all back, with the addition of a fifth of its VALUE, to him whose property it is, when he has been judged to be in the wrong.
Leviticus 6 6 Then let him take to the Lord the offering for his wrongdoing; giving to the priest for his offering, a male sheep from the flock, without any mark, of the VALUE fixed by you:
Leviticus 27 2 Say to the children of Israel, If a man makes a special oath, you will give your decision as to the VALUE of the persons for the Lord.
Leviticus 27 3 And you will put the VALUE of a male from twenty years to sixty years old at fifty shekels of silver, by the scale of the holy place.
Leviticus 27 4 And if it is a female, the VALUE will be thirty shekels.

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