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Genesis 4 12 No longer will the earth give you her fruit as the reward of your work; you will be a WANDERER in flight over the earth.
Genesis 4 14 You have sent me out this day from the face of the earth and from before your face; I will be a WANDERER in flight over the earth, and whoever sees me will put me to death.
Genesis 11 4 And they said, Come, let us make a town, and a tower whose top will go up as high as heaven; and let us make a great name for ourselves, so that we may not be WANDERERs over the face of the earth.
Numbers 14 33 And your children will be WANDERERs in the waste land for forty years, undergoing punishment for your false ways, till your bodies become dust in the waste land.
Numbers 32 13 Then the Lord was angry with Israel, and he made them WANDERERs in the waste land for forty years? till all that generation who had done evil in the eyes of the Lord was dead.
Psalms 109 10 Let his children be WANDERERs, looking to others for their food; let them be sent away from the company of their friends.
Proverbs 21 16 The WANDERER from the way of knowledge will have his resting-place among the shades.
Jeremiah 49 5 See, I will send fear on you, says the Lord, the Lord of armies, from those who are round you on every side; you will be forced out, every man straight before him, and there will be no one to get together the WANDERERs.
Jeremiah 49 36 And I will send on Elam four winds from the four quarters of heaven, driving them out to all those winds; there will be no nation into which the WANDERERs from Elam do not come.
Zechariah 11 16 For see, I will put a sheep-keeper over the land, who will have no care for that which is cut off, and will not go in search of the WANDERERs, or make well what is broken, and he will not give food to that which is ill, but he will take
Hebrews 11 9 By faith he was a WANDERER in the land of the agreement, as in a strange land, living in tents with Isaac and Jacob, who had a part with him in the same heritage:
Hebrews 11 13 All these came to their end in faith, not having had the heritage; but having seen it with delight far away, they gave witness that they were WANDERERs and not of the earth.

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