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Genesis 4 26 And Seth had a son, and he gave him the name of Enosh: at this time men first made use of the name of the Lord in WORShip.
Genesis 12 8 And moving on from there to the mountain on the east of Beth-el, he put up his tent, having Beth-el on the west and Ai on the east: and there he made an altar and gave WORShip to the name of the Lord.
Genesis 13 4 To the place where he had made his first altar, and there Abram gave WORShip to the name of the Lord.
Genesis 19 9 And they said, Give way there. This one man, they said, came here from a strange country, and will he now be our judge? now we will do WORSe to you than to them; and pushing violently against Lot, they came near to get the door broken in.
Genesis 21 33 And Abraham, after planting a holy tree in Beer-sheba, gave WORShip to the name of the Lord, the Eternal God.
Genesis 22 5 Then he said to his young men, Keep here with the ass; and I and the boy will go on and give WORShip and come back again to you.
Genesis 24 26 And with bent head the man gave WORShip to the Lord;
Genesis 24 48 And with bent head I gave WORShip and praise to the Lord, the God of my master Abraham, by whom I had been guided in the right way, to get the daughter of my master's brother for his son.
Genesis 26 25 Then he made an altar there, and gave WORShip to the name of the Lord, and he put up his tents there, and there his servants made a water-hole.
Genesis 41 19 Then after them came seven other cows, very thin and poor-looking, WORSe than any I ever saw in the land of Egypt;
Genesis 47 31 And he said, Take an oath to me; and he took an oath to him: and Israel gave WORShip on the bed's head.
Genesis 48 15 And he gave Joseph a blessing, saying, May the God to whom my fathers, Abraham and Isaac, gave WORShip, the God who has taken care of me all my life till this day,
Exodus 3 12 And he said, Truly I will be with you; and this will be the sign to you that I have sent you: when you have taken the children of Israel out of Egypt, you will give WORShip to God on this mountain.
Exodus 4 23 And I said to you, Let my son go, so that he may give me WORShip; and you did not let him go: so now I will put the first of your sons to death.
Exodus 4 31 And the people had faith in them; and hearing that the Lord had taken up the cause of the children of Israel and had seen their troubles, with bent heads they gave him WORShip.

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