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Genesis 49 23 He was troubled by the archers; they sent out their arrows against him, cruelly WOUNDING him:
Leviticus 24 18 And anyone WOUNDING a beast and causing its death, will have to make payment for it: a life for a life.
Deuteronomy 32 39 See now, I myself am he; there is no other god but me: giver of death and life, WOUNDING and making well: and no one has power to make you free from my hand.
Judges 5 26 She put out her hand to the tent-pin, and her right hand to the workman's hammer; and she gave Sisera a blow, crushing his head, WOUNDING and driving through his brow.
1 Samuel 17 50 So David overcame the Philistine with his leather band and a stone, WOUNDING the Philistine and causing his death: but David had no sword in his hand.
1 Kings 20 37 Then he came across another man, and said, Give me a wound. And the man gave him a blow WOUNDING him.
2 Kings 9 24 Then Jehu took his bow in his hand, and with all his strength sent an arrow, WOUNDING Joram between the arms; and the arrow came out at his heart, and he went down on his face in his carriage.
Job 5 18 For after his punishment he gives comfort, and after WOUNDING, his hands make you well.
Job 18 4 But come back, now, come: you who are WOUNDING yourself in your passion, will the earth be given up because of you, or a rock be moved out of its place?
Psalms 7 2 So that he may not come rushing on my soul like a lion, WOUNDING it, while there is no one to be my saviour.
Psalms 35 15 But they took pleasure in my trouble, and came together, yes, low persons came together against me without my knowledge; they never came to an end of WOUNDING me.
Psalms 144 10 It is God who gives salvation to kings; and who kept his servant David from the WOUNDING sword.
Proverbs 26 10 Like an archer WOUNDING all who go by, is a foolish man overcome by drink.
Jeremiah 16 6 Death will overtake great as well as small in the land: their bodies will not be put in a resting-place, and no one will be weeping for them or WOUNDING themselves or cutting off their hair for them:
Jeremiah 47 5 The hair is cut off from the head of Gaza; Ashkelon has come to nothing; the last of the Anakim are deeply WOUNDING themselves.

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