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Exodus 5 14 And the officers of the children of Israel, whom Pharaoh's taskmasters had set over them, were beaten, and demanded, Wherefore have ye not fulfilled your task both YESTERDAY and to-day, in making brick as heretofore?
1 Samuel 20 27 And it came to pass on the morrow after the new moon, [which was] the second [day], that David's place was empty: and Saul said unto Jonathan his son, Wherefore cometh not the son of Jesse to meat, neither YESTERDAY, nor to-day?
2 Samuel 15 20 Whereas thou camest but YESTERDAY, should I this day make thee go up and down with us, seeing I go whither I may? return thou, and take back thy brethren; mercy and truth be with thee.
2 Kings 9 26 Surely I have seen YESTERDAY the blood of Naboth, and the blood of his sons, saith Jehovah; and I will requite thee in this plat, saith Jehovah. Now therefore take and cast him into the plat [of ground], according to the word of Jehovah.
Job 8 9 (For we are but of YESTERDAY, and know nothing, Because our days upon earth are a shadow);
Psalms 90 4 For a thousand years in thy sight Are but as YESTERDAY when it is past, And as a watch in the night.
John 4 52 So he inquired of them the hour when he began to amend. They said therefore unto him, YESTERDAY at the seventh hour the fever left him.
Acts 7 28 Wouldest thou kill me, as thou killedst the Egyptian YESTERDAY?
Hebrews 13 8 Jesus Christ [is] the same YESTERDAY and to-day, [yea] and for ever.

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