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Book Chapter Verse Text
2 Samuel 24 22 And Araunah said to David, Let my lord the king take whatever seems right to him, and make an offering of it: see, here are the oxen for the burned offering, and the grain-cleaning instruments and the ox-YOKES for wood:
1 Kings 19 21 And he went back, and took the oxen and put them to death, and cooking their flesh with the YOKES of the oxen, he gave the people a feast. Then he got up and went after Elijah and became his servant.
Jeremiah 27 2 This is what the Lord has said to me: Make for yourself bands and YOKES and put them on your neck;
Jeremiah 28 13 Go and say to Hananiah, This is what the Lord has said: YOKES of wood have been broken by you, but in their place I will make YOKES of iron.

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