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Verse Greek NT: Textus Receptus (1550/1894) † English: King James Version
1 τριτον τουτο ερχομαι προς υμας επι στοματος δυο μαρτυρων και τριων σταθησεται παν ρημα This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.
2 προειρηκα και προλεγω ως παρων το δευτερον και απων νυν γραφω τοις προημαρτηκοσιν και τοις λοιποις πασιν οτι εαν ελθω εις το παλιν ου φεισομαι I told you before, and foretell you, as if I were present, the second time; and being absent now I write to them which heretofore have sinned, and to all other, that, if I come again, I will not spare:
3 επει δοκιμην ζητειτε του εν εμοι λαλουντος χριστου ος εις υμας ουκ ασθενει αλλα δυνατει εν υμιν Since ye seek a proof of Christ speaking in me, which to you-ward is not weak, but is mighty in you.
4 και γαρ ει εσταυρωθη εξ ασθενειας αλλα ζη εκ δυναμεως θεου και γαρ {VAR2: και } ημεις ασθενουμεν εν αυτω αλλα ζησομεθα συν αυτω εκ δυναμεως θεου εις υμας For though he was crucified through weakness, yet he liveth by the power of God. For we also are weak in him, but we shall live with him by the power of God toward you.
5 εαυτους πειραζετε ει εστε εν τη πιστει εαυτους δοκιμαζετε η ουκ επιγινωσκετε εαυτους οτι ιησους χριστος εν υμιν εστιν ει μη τι αδοκιμοι εστε Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?
6 ελπιζω δε οτι γνωσεσθε οτι ημεις ουκ εσμεν αδοκιμοι But I trust that ye shall know that we are not reprobates.
7 ευχομαι δε προς τον θεον μη ποιησαι υμας κακον μηδεν ουχ ινα ημεις δοκιμοι φανωμεν αλλ ινα υμεις το καλον ποιητε ημεις δε ως αδοκιμοι ωμεν Now I pray to God that ye do no evil; not that we should appear approved, but that ye should do that which is honest, though we be as reprobates.
8 ου γαρ δυναμεθα τι κατα της αληθειας αλλ υπερ της αληθειας For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.
9 χαιρομεν γαρ οταν ημεις ασθενωμεν υμεις δε δυνατοι ητε τουτο δε και ευχομεθα την υμων καταρτισιν For we are glad, when we are weak, and ye are strong: and this also we wish, even your perfection.
10 δια τουτο ταυτα απων γραφω ινα παρων μη αποτομως χρησωμαι κατα την εξουσιαν ην εδωκεν μοι ο κυριος εις οικοδομην και ουκ εις καθαιρεσιν Therefore I write these things being absent, lest being present I should use sharpness, according to the power which the Lord hath given me to edification, and not to destruction.
11 λοιπον αδελφοι χαιρετε καταρτιζεσθε παρακαλεισθε το αυτο φρονειτε ειρηνευετε και ο θεος της αγαπης και ειρηνης εσται μεθ υμων Finally, brethren, farewell. Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you.
12 ασπασασθε αλληλους εν αγιω φιληματι ασπαζονται υμας οι αγιοι παντες Greet one another with an holy kiss.
13 η χαρις του κυριου ιησου χριστου και η αγαπη του θεου και η κοινωνια του αγιου πνευματος μετα παντων υμων αμην [προς κορινθιους δευτερα εγραφη απο φιλιππων της μακεδονιας δια τιτου και λουκα] All the saints salute you.
14 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.