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1 King Ahasuerus laid a tribute on the land and on the islands of the sea.
2 All the acts of his power and of his might, and the full account of the greatness of Mordecai, to which the king promoted him, are they not written in the book of the chronicles of the kings of Media and Persia?
3 For Mordecai the Jew was next to King Ahasuerus, and great among the Jews, and accepted by the multitude of his brothers, seeking the good of his people and speaking peace to all his descendants.
4 Then Mordecai said, "God has done these things. And upon the third day, when she had ended her prayers, she laid away her mourning garments, and put on her glorious apparel.
5 For I remember a dream which I saw concerning these matters, and nothing thereof has failed. And being gloriously adorned, after she had called upon God, who is the beholder and saviour of all things, she took two maids with her:
6 A little fountain became a river, and there was light and the sun and much water: this river is Esther, whom the king married and made queen; And upon the one she leaned, as carrying herself daintily;
7 and the two dragons are myself and Haman. And the other followed, bearing up her train.
8 And the nations were those which were assembled to destroy the name of the Jews; And she was ruddy through the perfection of her beauty, and her countenance was cheerful and very amiable: but her heart was in anguish for fear.
9 and my nation is this Israel, who cried to God and were saved, for the Lord has saved his people, and the Lord has delivered us from all those evils, and God has wrought signs and great wonders, which have not been done among the Gentiles Then having passed through all the doors, she stood before the king, who sat upon his royal throne, and was clothed with all his robes of majesty, all glittering with gold and precious stones; and he was very dreadful.
10 Therefore he has made two lots, one for the people of God and another for all the Gentiles. Then lifting up his countenance that shone with majesty, he looked very fiercely upon her: and the queen fell down, and was pale, and fainted, and bowed herself upon the head of the maid that went before her.
11 And these two lots came at the hour and time and day of judgment, before God among all nations. Then God changed the spirit of the king into mildness, who in a fear leaped from his throne, and took her in his arms, till she came to herself again, and comforted her with loving words and said unto her,
12 So God remembered his people and justified his inheritance. Esther, what is the matter? I am thy brother, be of good cheer:
13 Therefore, those days shall be given to them in the month Adar, the fourteenth and fifteenth day of the same month, with an assembly and joy and with gladness before God, according to the generations for ever among his people." Thou shalt not die, though our our commandment be general: come near.
14 In the fourth year of the reign of Ptolemeus and Cleopatra, Dositheus, who said he was a priest and Levite, and Ptolemeus his son, brought this letter of Purim, which they said was the same, and that Lysimachus the son of Ptolemeus, who And so be held up his golden sceptre, and laid it upon her neck,
15 And embraced her, and said, Speak unto me.
16 Then said she unto him, I saw thee, my lord, as an angel of God, and my heart was troubled for fear of thy majesty.
17 For wonderful art thou, lord, and thy countenance is full of grace.
18 And as she was speaking, she fell down for faintness.
19 Then the king was troubled, and all his servants comforted her.