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Bible reverse-engineering

Multiple ways to search the Bible [img] alternate link:

Click on Bible versions on the left menu to see the available Bibles in all versions and languages. After this, click on an icon on the right to search the Bible in different ways:

  • By book and chapter.
  • Click on word index to see a list of all words in the bible and how often they are used. If you enter "Beginning with:" letters you can limit the result a lot.
  • By entering search words, like 'and Jesus said'. If you enter '%and Jesus said%' you get exact this phrase.
  • Each Bible may be compared to any other Bible to find out missing books, chapters or verses.
  • Click on Manual Compare, to compare multiple Bible versions in parallel.
  • The automatic compare of 2 bibles in the same language shows the degree of equality of the verses in sum and in detail.

  • What we do not have today

    Comments, Strongs numbers, Notes and modern Bibles.